Friday, May 23, 2014

Red-Checks and Teal By The Ocean

Instead of a MMM post, I actually have something rather "fun" to write about. Here is my newest make:

Recognize that bodice? You guessed it! The bodice of this dress is actually the shirt that I talked about in this post. Due to the fit issues around the waist, I took it, chopped about two and a half inches off of the bottom and was able to attach it to a circle skirt and Ta-Da! A dress!
   Ok, I am going to tell you a story: about oh, two or so years ago, I discovered the "famous" Walkaway dress that was all over the blogosphere.

So, I found the pattern on either Etsy or eBay and quickly purchased it. When it arrived a few days later, I was ready and willing to begin sewing it up. I cut out one size and proceeded to use an old sheet to make a wearable muslin. When it looked like it would turn out okay, I proceeded to make four more. Now, in my defense, I did not know much about pattern fitting and just assumed that everything would be just fine. Needless to say, none of the dresses fit quite right and after all my work on them, I ended up wearing a couple of them once or twice.

Fast forward two years and I finally decided to make something out of all this fabric that would be perfectly useful in any other form. Out of those five dresses I have used three circle skirts and made one pair of ruffled trousers for Baby Sister. So something good came from that sewing experience!
I have plans for the last two skirts, so keep an eye out.

Wading in the waves does not make for a dry experience, so I told Photographer Sister that she should get some pictures of me before I was utterly soaked.

It turns out that it was a good idea to get pictures taken when I did because I ended up with half of me being soaked when I was picking up a shell, and a little later I slipped and was completely water logged. . . But it was totally worth it!

Remember to smile today! It doesn't hurt!


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  1. Lovely photos, looks great as a dress. Pity about the walkaway dress experience! At least you were able to practice your sewing, and are now able to use the fabric. Hopefully one day you can go back to the pattern again