Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me-Made-May Days 9 - 11

Howdy Folks,
    How have you all been doing? I have a compilation of MMM days for you. Since I have worn pretty much all of my homemade items, I can only repeat said clothes, (until I make some more!) so. . .

Day 9:
We took these rather late which is why they are a little blurry. This is my red circle skirt that I wore on Day 1. This time I paired it with a thrifted tee that I got a few weeks ago.

Day 10:
 I actually didn't get around to taking pictures soon enough, and, by the time I seriously considered doing so, it was too late. Rain is not usually condusive to photography. . . I wore this navy button-up shirt, and this floral circle skirt. 

Day 11:
This outfit is actually more than one me-made item. I am wearing the same skirt as Day 10 and underneath, I am actually wearing this dress! Odd, but it actually works really well! This outfit is now one of my favorites.

Yes. . . My collar is messed up. A certain Photographer Sister failed to mention said fact before we took all the pictures. But, in her defense, she did not see it because she was so focused on getting good pictures! Which is a good excuse!

Action Shot!

Dramatic Pose

Melancholy face. . .

That's it for today!


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