Thursday, May 8, 2014

Circle Skirt and Ponytail: Me-Made-May Day 6

 Well. . . This was not one of my favorite days. I was feeling the affects of not being totally enthralled with my outfit. I dislike the shirt because it does not suit me. It exaggerated certain body parts that I did not want to be exaggerated. . . Yeah, this was more of a blah day.

But! This skirt is a swishy sorta puffy skirt that is pretty fun to wear. 

The main issue with the outfit is the shirt. It has a couple of stains on it, and just does not flatter me at all. And I felt it. The saying about your outfit influencing your mood and everything else; yeah. . . I should probably pay more attention to that.

So, this is the lesson that I have learned: If I am not enthusiastic over an outfit, I probably should figure something else out even if it ends up being a repeat of a previous outfit. Let's see how well I remember this!

Summer is rapidly arriving!

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