Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Purple Floral Knit Skirt

Me-Made-May Day 5. This outfit actually exceeded my expectations: It became my second favorite outfit that I've worn so far!

This basic skirt is made out of some sort of polyester knit fabric I scored at Joann for $2.50 a yard when the red tag fabric was half off. I originally planned to make a dress out of this material, but when the attempted self-drafted bodice ended as an utter failure, I resorted to something I knew I could succeed at. (Besides the fact that the large circle rose print accentuated the bust! Awkward to the extreme!) 

"Slap" elastic into the waist, zig-zag the hem and behold! A skirt.

Though not as full as I typically prefer my skirts, I find it becoming more likable now that I've worn it again. 

Now I shall leave you with a picture that my sister took as we headed inside, she really is quite good at taking pictures! Definitely better than a tripod, which would be achievable but hard. . .
Photographer Sister had fun with the camera.

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