Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Green and Cream Pastille Dress

I have two projects to show you today: The Colette Pastille Dress, and the Miette Cardigan! I finished this cardigan up a while ago, but never managed to blog about it. Therefore, you get two projects for the price of one!

Before I get to the details of this dress, I have a few "bonus" pictures for you of my adorable siblings. There I was, innocently carrying on with my photo-shoot when my brothers and Dolly decided to join in the fun!

Robin Hood!

Strange Creature. . .

Guys! Get out of my pictures!

I found a dandelion. In November!
 Okay, back to the details.

This is the Colette Pastille dress from the Colette Sewing Handbook. As you can see, I made a few adjustments.

Right before I made this dress, I re-took all of my measurements paying close attention to accuracy. After that, I looked up how to determine my bust size and discovered that I was not going to need a FBA for this dress. Happy day! I originally thought that I would have to add two inches of length to the bodice, but I discovered when I tried it on that I did not need the extra length.

I do not like straight skirts due to the propensity for snugness around the hips area. Because of this, I decided to draft my own pattern for a ten gore skirt using this tutorial

I also added in-seam pockets using the pocket pattern from Simplicity 1419.

Final Thoughts: I love this dress. The first day I wore it I felt so good! I just felt pretty and well-dressed, which is not a common occurrence with me. In the end, even though I  made some mistakes and the fact that the skirt was still a little snug even though it was gored, I really like this dress!

Details For The Avid Seamstress:
Fabric: Quilting Cotton from Joann
Pattern: Blouse: Colette Pastille Dress Skirt: Self-Drafted
Adjustments: Raised the neckline by two inches
Adjustments for Next Time: Pinch and inch of width from the neckline to alleviate slight gaping

 Miette Cardigan:
Pattern: Andi Satterlund's free Miette cardigan pattern
Notes: I really like this cardigan. I accidentally knit the ribbing around the waist wonky so I decided to repeat the mistake on the sleeves to make it all look intentional. Regular ribbing would work better, but considering that this was my first "big" knitting project, I can give myself a little room for mess-ups. I also shortened the sleeves by just omitting several rows.

That's all folks! I will talk to you soon!



  1. Very cute. I have the Colette book, but actually haven't made anything from it yet!

    1. Thank you Megan! I was given the Colette Sewing Handbook last year on my birthday, which is two days before Christmas, and have just now worked up the courage to make something from it! I would definitely encourage you to have a go at it. The thing that deterred me the most from using the book was the fact that the skirts where so short and the necklines so low, but I am at the place now that I am not afraid of making a few adjustments.