Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mustard And Grey

Howdy, howdy!
          Here is another dress that I made a bit ago, but, due to the lack of the correct thread color, I have just now finished it.

The bodice of this dress is Simplicity 1419 and the skirt is a circle skirt. (You might recognize it from here and here.) The waist of the skirt was much to big and in order to wear it comfortably at my waist I had to safety pin it!


No more! This skirt has now been repurposed into a comfortable dress.

For the record, I did not wear this dress without a sweater during the day. It was much too chilly and I am also self-concisous about sleeveless tops. 

Obligatory geeky spin picture. . .

Details for the Avid Seamstress:
Fabric: Quilting Cotton from Joann
Pattern: Simplicity 1419
Notes: I made a few adjustments to the bodice. I used my high bust measurement to determine my size and then did a FBA following this helpful tutorial from Mary. I also fully lined it. I have quickly become converted to the simplicity of lining at least the bodice of my dresses. It eliminates the necessity of various seam finishes and they are easy to do. 
I was planning to add sleeves to this dress, but when I was lining the bodice I forgot to leave the armholes un-sewn. Considering this, I decided to go ahead and attach the sleeves, but when I tried on the dress I knew they had to go. They were far too tight and very uncomfortable. Once I removed them I discovered that it was not just the sleeves that were tight, the armholes were also snug. But as they were not unbearable I left them and now I know that I need to loosen them slightly next time ! 
I also removed the slash or keyhole from the neck because I was concerned that it would gape.
All in all, this dress has a few issues, but it is very wearable and I am happy with the results!

Update: I have actually given this dress to Photographer Sister. The snugness around the arms did not make me want to wear it again, but at least someone benefits from my experiments!


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