Monday, May 5, 2014

Floral Circle Skirt

      Welcome to Me-Made-May Day 3! This a a circle skirt that I made out of a vintage sheet two or three years ago. I followed Dana's spectacular tutorial that you can find here

The funny thing is: even though this was my first attempt the two other times I tried to follow said tutorial, the skirts didn't turn out half as nice as this one! Beginners luck I suppose. . . (I also made the flower clip that is in my hair.)

Curtsy Attempt 1
Curtsy Attempt 2

Here is an outtake picture just for fun:
I'm not always serious!

Ta-ta for now!


 Just saying, it was a little creepy finding out that Kate from Vintage in a Modern World recently made a nearly identical circle skirt! Vintage sewing people often think alike I suppose!

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