Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Floral Knit Skirt

Hello Everybody!
It has been much, much too long since I last posted! Where has time gone? I ended up finishing out Me-Made-May, but. . . I stopped taking pictures for the last week or so. It was a big hassle and very annoying to try and remember picture taking every day. Hopefully I'll do better next year! 

Moving on. I have a plan. I decided that Wednesday is going to be my official "posting" day; that way I can try to be a little more organized. After all, quality goes before quantity!

The last week of May I ended up finishing three or so projects. Here is the first of them:

Nothing special. This skirt is a repurposed dress. Or rather, two dresses. Older Sister purchased four dresses from the clearance rack a year or so ago so that she, myself, and Photographer Sister could be matching. The fourth dress was reused to make Baby Sister a dress too. Fast forward several months: the dresses were not the most comfortable, they did not get worn. What to do with them? Naturally, I chopped off the tops of the three dresses and salvaged the skirts by converting them into one super full skirt.
I attempted a couple different waistbands, a yoga style fold over which would not hold up the weight of the skirt and thus it sagged and tripped me up all the time. I hacked that off and tried to make do with a drawstring. The compilation of three skirts made for an enormous width of fabric. With the drawstring it bunched, pulled and I had to pull it super tight to avoid drooping. In the end, I rarely wore the skirt. It was still too long and I did not like how it fit.

So a few days ago, I decided to deal with this UFO languishing on my closet shelf. There were six panels in the skirt, two from each dress. I cut out two, sewed the seam back together, hand gathered the still full skirt to my hip measurement and then proceeded to attach it to an elastic waistband. Success! I now have a fully wearable skirt that I have already worn twice! The skirt still bunches a bit inside the elastic, and I would not be bothered with changing the thread so I have black elastic sewn on with white thread. But, it finally fits, and I will usually wear a belt with it anyway.

It still twirls beautifully!

Here is a picture of the skirt from last fall with the drawstring waistband. You can tell that it is a few inches longer.
(On a sidenote: I also made Baby Sister's skirt a year or so ago. She actually liked it! And yes, it still fits.)

Until next week!


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