Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Entirely Girl Tunic

Well folks,
         Here is another one. . . Bear with me, this one actually follows the pattern!

Introducing: The Entirely Girl Tunic!

What can I say? I really like this pattern! Don't worry though, this is the last one for a while. I do not want to get into a sewing rut or a limited comfort zone. I am planning a couple other simple projects that I hope will "broaden my horizon" so to speak. 

For this tunic I followed the pattern exactly. To refresh your memory:
Like the others, I used view B

This tunic is actually the main reason that I purchased this pattern. I have been wanting one or two tunics to wear with my jeans. I prefer to maintain my modesty and although wearing jeans is not immodest, I find myself more comfortable if my rear end is covered. With this tunic I am able to be comfortable and thoroughly feminine at the same time! It's a win-win situation! 

This time through everything was a breeze. I have made this bodice four times now. Surely that makes me a professional! Right? I was feeling a little cocky (bad idea really. . .) so I did not pay enough attention to the instructions. Thus, I had a little difficulty with the collar. I accidentally sewed a seam I was not supposed to sew and it made it a little weird, but by the time I noticed it, I decided that it wasn't worth ripping everything apart. 

The only changes I made were:

1. Due to an interfacing shortage, I used a matching piece of fabric as a sew-in interfacing for the skirt button placket which worked nicely.

2. I completely underlined the tunic to reduce transparency.

Pattern: Simplicity 1460
Fabric: Stash cotton that I think is just a quilting cotton. I got it from the red tag section at Joann.
Buttons: Vintage
Jeans: JCPennys (I think. . . My mama bought them for me for birthday or Christmas a couple years ago.)

 So there you have it! See you next time.


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