Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gypsy Palazzo Trousers

I am currently very busy with various sewing projects, so instead of a new make, here is a pair of palazzo trousers that I made for Photographer Sister quite a while ago:

I used Vogue 8955. She had been pleading with me to sew her a pair of WIDE-legged trousers. Finally relenting after she purchased this pattern on a five dollar sale at Joann, I made a capri-length, practice pair out of a flannel bed sheet. We found that, although wearable, the waist gapped and the flannel did not make for an elegant, draped look. For this pair, I flipped the waistband pieces upside down e.g:

TADA! Perfect fit.

Wide legs!


The hardest part about these was finishing the seams around the pockets and all the pleats at the waist. I used tailor tacks to mark said pleats and then carefully matched them up before hand basting the top edge to hold everything in place. This fabric is a satiny, probably polyester type material and was thus very easily frayed. I blind-hemmed the bottom and used french seams wherever possible. Around the pockets I used a tight zig-zag stitch because I could not french seam it without accidentally sewing something wrong. There was a fair bit of trial and error with these pesky pockets!

Isn't she gorgeous!

Pattern: Vogue 8955
Fabric: Curtain from Goodwill

Here are a couple of sneak peaks on what I am working on:

Unfortunately it is not something for me. That cherry print is the cutest! I only wish I could have purchased more.
And on a cherry note, look what I picked up for less than five dollars:

The picture is a little blurry. . . But isn't it darling? I popped into a little thrift store on my way home from grocery shopping and Lo, there was the cutest pair of vintage-looking cherry earrings! Serendipity!

That is all for now. I have a couple of very cool projects cooking up to show you!


Contrary to appearances, I do not have two earring holes, that is a little bitty freckle. In case you were wondering!

P.P.S: Be forewarned, I am planning to change the name and possibly appearance of my blog in the near future. Yes, I just did a makeover, but I have been mulling over what I want this blog to be and where I want to go with it. During this pondering, I have come up with some solutions to my mental contemplations, and the (hopefully!) final look of my blog will be debuting on November 1st.

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