Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flower Bomb Apron

Here it is! Apparently the combination of posting my sewing plan and the desperation for a long, well fitting apron results in this:

I now own a lovely, flowery apron that I practically live in.

Attaching the pocket to the side front

I loved this way of putting pockets on something! It made it so simple.
Now that I see this fabric on me, I almost wish I had saved it and made a dress from it despite the cheetah print, but then I would not have an apron!

This was a very simple make. The longest part was tracing out the pattern. I really do not care for that whole process which is why this took so long to finish. Procrastination is the mortal enemy of seamstresses! Or at least this one. . .

This apron was originally intended to have back straps that went straight up and down. I wanted it to have crossed straps, but I decided to follow the pattern instructions exactly. Somehow, along the way, I "messed" up, or did not read the instructions correctly, because my apron has crossed straps without my even trying! Serendipity!

As you can see, this apron is long and full which enables it to fit over a variety of dress types. In other words, it is exactly what I wanted! Overall, this has been a very satisfying make.

Apron: Butterick 5509, View E
Fabric: Some variety of cotton I think. I purchased it in the Joann's clearance section when it was all 50% off.
Dress: Simplicity 1460 with a circle skirt.

Until next time!


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