Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Profitable Day and Blog Changes

Hello Friends,
        After an extended break from posting, I have returned. Did you notice the new blog title and design? The previous entirety of my blog felt quite limiting because I was trying so hard to be like all of the other amazing sewing bloggers. I wanted desperately to be an instant success and have everyone like and appreciate me. Selfish? Yes. Narcissistic? Definitely. Permanent? No. After some "soul searching" and an extended period of stalking various blogs, (My blog reading list is well over fifty. I am a blog fangirl!) immersing myself in Pinterest, pretending that every one of the fabulous girls who I follow knows me and that we are all dear friends, and lots, and lots of laughing at GIF's and Tom Hiddleston, I have come to a final conclusion: I want to write a wholesome, hopefully humorous, and completely "me" blog that delves not only into the world of handicrafts, but also fangirling, (if I feel like it. . .) and expressing my opinions on various topics that interest and inspire me. Thus a new blog design and name. For whatever reason, this new title and look gives me a fresh perspective that makes me want to write. That said: this blog will still primarily focus on various crafts, (e.g. knitting, sewing, crocheting, watercolor? and possibly piano) but I should like to do an occasional book, movie, or TV show review, or simply express my appreciation about something. Here's hoping!

   Guess. What. I am now the proud possessor of a typewriter!

I have wanted on of these for as long as I can remember. This is definitely something I can cross off of my nonexistent bucket list!

It is a Smith and Corona Automatic 10 typewrite that came with its original instructions manual

and a package of correction sheets:

But, do you want to know the deal breaker? I managed to purchase a like-new electric (not electrical) typewriter with manual and correction sheets (which have come in extremely handy!) for: $10. Yes: Ten. Measly. Dollars. A good deal? I think so!

Now for the results of the remainder of my shopping!

I picked up two copies of Shakespeare so that in the event that I ever need more than one, I will have them. I do intend to read them. . . Eventually. My reading list is an ever-extending one.

A copy of Robert Browning's poetry published in 1909 and apparently owned by one A. U. Killian.

Next is "A Spinner In The Sun" by Myrtle Reed, which although I have never heard of it, looks to be relatively interesting and I am looking forward to reading it. It was published in 1906.

Third is a book I have been wanting to read ever since I saw the BBC adaption: Lorna Doone.

This copy was published in 1926. 

Tucked into the front cover was the picture of a young lady named Dorothy D. Co. . . ( I cannot decipher the last name) from Hartwick College '38.

A nifty find!
I have saved the best for last:

This beauty is called A Gender In Satin and it was written by "Rita" author of "A Husband Of No Importance" (Whatever that is.)

It was published in: 1895! I own a book that was written in the 1800's! Nestled amongst the pages of this ancient tome was a newspaper clipping describing the sad death of a stage line owner.

Overall it was what I call, a very productive day! For those of you who are curious, I purchased the typewriter at the Williamsburg Antique Mall and all of the books from my local library for $1 each. 
Thank you for your patience as I work all the little kinks out of my blog!


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