Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Roses And Grey Sweaters

    I have another dress to show you. Surprise! Here is my Rose Pink Anna:

There is not a lot to say about this dress that I have not already said. It is an amazingly simple pattern to whip up. This was my second attempt. (Mint Anna being the first.)

By Hand London has a sew-along that gives quite detailed instructions on how to do everything necessary to insure a perfect fit. You can find the sew-along here just scroll down to the bottom.

To be honest, I found the instructions provided to be quite sufficient. I did look at the sew-along to get some input on a FBA, but discovered that I did not like their way of doing it. I explain more on that below.

I accomplished something big with this dress. I installed an invisible zipper. With a regular zipper foot. Not so shocking? That's not the best part.

Gals, this is my very first invisible zipper! I have always heard that invisible zippers are a nightmare and as I have now done three, I completely understand all the angst. But, for my first attempt, the installation was pretty near flawless, if I do say so myself.

Notes For The Avid Seamstress:
Fabric:  Quilting cotton from Joann, I think. I purchased this fabric some time ago from Joann's red tag fabrics (where I procure all my fabrics. . .) and it is most likely quilting cotton, but there is a faint chance that it is not.
Notions: Invisible zipper (I used this tutorial) and hook and eye from my stash.
Notes: As I mentioned above, I did a FBA for this dress. I already explained my proceedings in this post so I will not go over it again. Needless to say, I really like this dress pattern. I discovered that, especially with this dress and a little with my Christmas dress, there is gapping at the neck. I decided that a lot of the gapping is due to the fact that this dress is supposed to sit wide on the shoulders. I am more inclined to pull the neckline as close to my neck as I can, which then results in the gappage! When I next make this dress, I will probably make some further adjustments to the neckline so that it will sit more comfortably. I also need to add a little more width to my FBA to make it fit across the bust just right.
Fellow Bloggers Renditions: There are SO many amazing Anna dresses on sewing blogs around the world that it is pretty hard to just pick a few, but here goes:
1. Bobbin from Bobbin In made an gorgeous version here.
2. Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher: her dress was one of the first that I saw and fell in love with.
3. Sally from The Quirky Peach: here.
4. Lauren Lladybird's: silk Anna is without a doubt one of the prettiest versions I have seen!
5. Laura Mae from Lilacs and Lace: here.
7. Neeno from Sew Me Love: Her Anna dress is made up in some lovely fabric that I have been crushing over for a long time.
8. Lizzy from Sew Busy Lizzy: This Anna Rose dress it my favorite Anna dress that I have seen. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and knew that someday I had to own this pattern so I could be like Lizzy.

Alright, I will talk to you soon!


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