Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Sunday - 2015

Happy Easter!
         Contrary to my expectations, I have not abandoned Blogger. I decided that this was not the time to be messing with the transition to a self-hosted Wordpress blog. My schedule is cram-packed and I do not have enough energy at the end of the day to make paying for my own domain worthwhile. I have come to the conclusion that for the foreseeable future I will do the best with this blog that I can, and perhaps someday I will be able to invest in a better blogging platform, but. . .Today is not that day! (Bonus points and a virtual brownie to all who fully appreciate that statement.)

      On to the purpose of this post!

These are the outfits my sister and I wore to church on Easter Sunday.

Photographer Sister's Outfit
Pink Lace Top: Walmart
Shrug: Unknown
Jeans: Old

My Outfit
Cardigan: Borrowed from my mum. I think it is from Old Navy, but I am not positive.
White Top: Also borrowed from my mum. I'm pretty sure that it is from Walmart.
Skirt: Refashioned from two dresses that were originally from Walmart.
Scarf: This is just a scrap of chiffon that I have had for some time. I finished the edges with my serger to eliminate stray threads. It ended up working perfectly!

   There isn't anything more to say. I will hopefully be able to post about some of my recent makes; but, as I mentioned above, I am really busy. I have managed to make several things in the past few weeks including a swim suit top for my older sister! 

I will be back soon!


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